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Catherine McTamaney, Ed.D.


An award-winning teacher, Associate Professor of the Practice and Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Department of Teaching and Learning,  Professor McTamaney works primarily with undergraduates in Peabody's teacher licensure programs, focusing on the social and political context of public education and the integration of education and the arts.  A three time graduate of Peabody College, Professor McTamaney has been at Vanderbilt for most of the last twenty five years.  

In addition to her teaching at Vanderbilt, she is the author of two books on Montessori education and compassionate teaching,  The Tao of Montessori  and  A Delicate Task, and Picasso in the Preschool, a teacher-centered text for integrating the arts in early childhood and elementary classroom.  Dr. McTamaney is a noted Montessori lecturer across the US and abroad and was a member of the Social Computing Group at the MIT Media Lab, where she helped to establish the design principles of the Wildflower Schools project. 

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