"Perhaps this Children's House can become a new Jerusalem which, if it is spread out among the abandoned people of the world, can bring a new light.."

June 1, 2020


My heart is heavy and I have few words today. Other people's voices should be amplified instead. Learn about their efforts. If the events of this past weekend have not affected you personally, use the security of your position to bring change. 


We are more than teachers. We are more than education reformers. We are Montessorians, and in that naming, we take on a mantle of service to the child, every child, every child. Every child. Do the work. 


There are people whose voices should be amplified, who are teaching me how to listen differently. Here are the people I am learning from today: 



Montessori for Social Justice 


Tiffany Jewel


The Male Montessorian


Protea Montessori


Jamilah Pitts


Teaching Tolerance


Bettina Love


Ibram X Kendi


Center for the Transformation of Schools


The Conscious Kid


* A response to Part 2, The History of Methods, The Discovery of the Child. M. Montessori 

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