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    Montessori philosophy: Select Montessori At Home, Discipline & Obedience, Traveling with Children, or Planes

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  • Persistence in the Third Plane

    For learners in the Third Plane, the frequency, intensity and cause of frustration can be almost impossible Think about what you know about learners in the Third Plane: they are flooded by change in almost all

  • Loneliness in the Third Plane

    Especially in the third plane of development, that critical window between 12 and 18, our children need Montessori learners in the Third Plane have the supportive and responsive facilitation of adults who Your child needs both agency and community: Learners in the third plane need both to feel like they are But remember: your goal is to keep your child talking, to let them always feel like they have a safe place

  • Montessori in the Third Plane

    Montessori observed particular trends in children's development, which she called, "Planes of Development and the second six years of life as when children are filling those files with tons of content, the third The third Plane of Development, from twelve to eighteen, is an explosion of social influence, when learners Instead, contemporary Montessori programs for the Third Plane engage the learners' social interest, developing Montessori Third Plane programs counter many of the norms traditional educators carry about Middle School

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