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  • Teacher Workshop

    Schedule an individualized faculty workshop to introduce or consider more deeply a particular aspect of Montessori philosophy. Workshops are developed on an as-needed basis to match the professional goals for your faculty.

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  • Teacher Talk: Persistence

    You may have imagined yourself a beloved teacher and guide, children gathered at your feet as you offered them a wonder-filled glimpse at the petals of a daisy, bluebirds resting gently on your shoulders. Our work as teachers is not measured day by day.

  • Teacher Talk: Preparing for the New Year

    We want other teachers around us to think we know what we're doing. In the midst of all the busy work, make time to connect with the other teachers around you. Take a break to invite another teacher to walk around the block with you and breathe in some fresh air. There will be times, for some of us sooner than others, when the real, live, actual humans around us will be fundamentally critical to our persistence as teachers. You are a scientist, reviewing what you know about children's development and the materials you've received from parents and other teachers about the children who are coming to you.

  • Teacher Talk: Teacher Motivation

    We may wonder how come all those teachers on those online message boards seem to be doing it better than we are. There's no text called, "All the Times It Didn't Work," in our teacher education programs. Even our strongest teacher educators are still working in the realm of hypothesis. Take time to reach out to your favorite teacher educators or to the teachers who touched your heart most dearly, and ask them to remind you who you wanted to be. When you reach out to one another, you remind the other teachers and parents and administrators around you that it's ok to feel the hard days.

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  • HOME | montessoridaoshi

    Infants & Toddlers Early Childhood Elementary Adolescents Philosophy Teacher Talk This collection of essays is to the Montessori community. Whether you're a parent, a teacher, a student or a work in progress, I hope these writings are useful to you on your journey.

  • Speaking and Teaching Engagements | Montessori Daoshi

    Workshops & Consultations Professional Coaching One-on-one support Read More 45 min 150 US dollars $150 Request to Book Parent Support Parent Support for Your Community Read More 1 hr 500 US dollars $500 Request to Book Parent Workshop Prepared workshop tailored to your parent community Read More 1 hr 500 US dollars $500 Request to Book Teacher Workshop Prepared workshop tailored to your faculty Read More 2 hr 750 US dollars $750 Request to Book Professional Coaching 45 min Request to Book Parent Support 1 hr Request to Book Parent Workshop 1 hr Request to Book Teacher Workshop 2 hr Request to Book Learning remotely doesn't mean losing community.

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