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  • Teacher Workshop

    Schedule an individualized faculty workshop to introduce or consider more deeply a particular aspect of Montessori philosophy. Workshops are developed on an as-needed basis to match the professional goals for your faculty.

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  • Teacher Talk: Persistence

    You may have imagined yourself a beloved teacher and guide, children gathered at your feet as you offered The truth is: teaching is hard. Our work as teachers is not measured day by day. Thank goodness. We would never see the growth.

  • Persistence in the Second Plane

    The work for parents and teachers, now, is to add to the support and modeling we've done for younger For example, in the Elementary years, Montessori teachers regularly talk with students about the students Elementary teachers become a sort of organizational coach; Elementary students often imagine large scale Again, supporting them as a coach might, teachers can help learners now to parcel out their progress , and ask your child to talk with you about the ways in which they progressed.

  • Montessori At Home- Day A Million and Two: The Kitchen

    that your child’s school experience benefits from the undivided attention of professionally prepared teachers Start here: This Montessori teacher, Christina Clemer, offers some great ideas for designing your kitchen If your child’s teacher has provided specific learning goals (electronic work to complete, for example , or videos to watch together,) incorporate those into your family time and talk with your child about school every day at home- but they will need your help to process through what they’ve learned, to talk

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  • HOME | montessoridaoshi

    Infants & Toddlers Early Childhood Elementary Adolescents Philosophy Teacher Talk This collection of Whether you're a parent, a teacher, a student or a work in progress, I hope these writings are useful

  • About the Author | montessoridaoshi

    An award-winning teacher, Associate Professor of the Practice and Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Department of Teaching and Learning, Professor McTamaney works primarily with undergraduates in Peabody's teacher licensure programs, focusing on the social and political context of public education compassionate teaching, i and , and a teacher-centered text for integrating the arts in early childhood The Tao of Montessor A Delicate Task Picasso in the Preschool, Wildflower Schools

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