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    Montessori philosophy: Select Montessori At Home, Discipline & Obedience, Traveling with Children, or Planes

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  • Persistence in the Second Plane

    Children in the First Plane of development are learning how to push through struggles, how to try again Children in the Second Plane are typically already independent in their daily needs. Finally, we know, too, that it's often going to be bumpy in the Second Plane.

  • Persistence in the Third Plane

    For learners in the Third Plane, the frequency, intensity and cause of frustration can be almost impossible Think about what you know about learners in the Third Plane: they are flooded by change in almost all "Let's take a second to breathe before we talk." Ask for student-generated solutions."

  • Persistence in the First Plane

    In the First Plane, we can support the development of persistence most effectively by modeling for them

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