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    Montessori philosophy: Select Montessori At Home, Discipline & Obedience, Traveling with Children, or Planes

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  • Persistence in the Second Plane

    Children in the First Plane of development are learning how to push through struggles, how to try again Children in the Second Plane are typically already independent in their daily needs. Finally, we know, too, that it's often going to be bumpy in the Second Plane.

  • Aggression in the Second Plane

    If we think of the First Plane of development as a time when the child is building their cognitive filing cabinets, classifying and categorizing the world and relationships within it, the Second Plane of development The same is true for preventing or responding to children's aggression in the Second Plane. While children's aggressive behavior in the First Plane is often a result of a developmentally predictable lack of self-restraint and lack of language, children's behavior in the Second Plane should reflect

  • Movement in the Second Plane

    Remember what distinguishes the Second Plane of Development, that window from six to twelve years old Moving out of the "construction of the individual" that marks zero to six, children in the Second Plane The essential Freedom of Movement takes on new importance in this plane, moving from the physical growth Children need to think differently here about what they'll need, to plan and sequence the collection Finally, because learners at this plane are so intrinsically driven to time with their peers, the classroom

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